I don’t judge people and it pisses people off.

It’s a bright sunny day out, you are all dressed up to go outside your house for work. As you step out of the house, you see a variety of beautiful people. Each one is unique, With different stories, different struggles. And what is the first thing that most people notice ?? Is how attractive... Continue Reading →


HOLA everyone !! This is DAY ONE. This poem is a science fiction poem !!!  One of the genres of poetry that I will  be exploring. We know that SCI-FI  is majorly portrayed through movies, series and books. Not much of SCIENCE FICTION is done through poems. So here's one SCIENCE FICTION POEM.  (Full Poem... Continue Reading →


Sometimes it really bothers me !! We don't  know why were we created in this big, dark cold universe..  left to revolve and rotate alone in this cosmic invisible vacuum. I get all restless and fidgety  when I can't  answer these question. What is the use of all these fights, war, love, relations when we... Continue Reading →

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