So I wrote this poem which depicts that how a perception of man towards a woman changes over the years. It protrays different stages in the life of a man and how the transformation of his attitude takes place. (Note: This is a fictional poetry . In reality there are some men who respect woman... Continue Reading →

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Winter and you.

This piece is purely based on imagination. Our warm fuzzy blanket. Legs intertwined, over my anklet. This intimacy, I thank it. Your caffineted coffee confidence. Warm through your lips and my sense. And I give up all my defence. I surrender under the warm blanket, warm winter and warm you. Your fingers dance on the... Continue Reading →

YOunG LOve

I wanna throw my fears into dustbin and run naked in the streets with you,  I wanna be childish, ruin the streets , ruin my life with you… You are different different kind of fun,  You are different different kind of high….. We makeout in public places , making everyone uncomfortable… In this Indian cultured... Continue Reading →


My thoughts scatter like light, everywhere  But still half of my earth lives in the dark. The only difference between light and my thoughts  Is that, light is quantized, but my thoughts are not.


Sleep tonight, Sleep tomorrow, Sleep everyday . Morning thank God you are awake Cause one day... the only job you will have is to sleep. Cause sleep is all you got.

I hope you find..”music”

So when you feel like someone dissected your bubble heart into pieces of sad confetti,I hope you find that perfect heart breaking song that helps you to swim across the ocean that you created out of your tears of regret. I hope you find the perfect Happy song, that perfectly describes your cloudless sunny days.... Continue Reading →

riddle poem

Waiting for the endOf these horrendous dreamsWaiting for the friend,Who can stop the witch's schemesWake meSave me Oh, dear prince, brave the thorns and wake meWake me from this century of rest Which is like death without the benefits End this tragic lullaby.Time to kiss & say to this curse goodbye. solve:to which fairytale this... Continue Reading →

Feel, How,When and Where ?

Where do you feel something ?Somewhere ?Right in the middle of your heart ?Right in the middle of the brain ?Where do you feel feelings ?In your soul ? I'm not aware. When do you feel something ,a time ?In the middle of the night?In the middle of the day?In the middle of a conservation... Continue Reading →

If the world were to end today.

If the world were to end today, what's the one last thing that you would do ? I will leave everything,run and hug you ! If the world were to end today, Have you said your prayers right ? Have you beg for forgiveness more than twice ! If the world were to end today,... Continue Reading →

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